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Reno Valay rapper

Nathan Hibbert (born July 2, 1994), known professionally as Reno Valay is from a Jamaican household, born and raised in Montréal, Québec. Reno Valay is a talented young artist who has always had a strong passion for music and the arts in all their various forms. With encouragement from his mother, Reno learned to play the piano at the age of seven and his love for music grew from that moment on.

Reno Valay Career Journey

Reno Valay rapper biography

After joining the music program in his first year of high school, Reno learned to play bass. However, Reno’s penchant for playing instruments didn’t stop there, turning his focus to percussion instruments such as the timpani, snare, bass drum and xylophone among many others. But Reno’s musical prowess didn’t stop there.

While entrenched in co-writing, filming and starring in a documentary called, I Love Burgz, Reno fell in love with the studio. While working on the soundtrack for the documentary, he began to write his own songs and record them. His first song, “Moment For Life” and another track, “My Last” were both placed on NME’s website.

Reno’s first public performance was on Jamaica Day in Montréal and he booked gigs throughout his hometown, going on to compete on Talent Nation (formerly This Is Talent) becoming a finalist. As a young and talented artist, Reno then made the decision to leave his city, the flashing lights of Toronto’s entertainment industry calling his name. While in Toronto, Reno was interviewed by TorontoTalents and was invited to perform at one of their music events, and performed for a Universal Music rep at a showcase event.

With accolades and talent abound, Reno cites artists like 2Pac, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar as some of his biggest inspirations. His respect for them stems from the way they told their stories and he strives to write music that is charged with the same kind of passion and emotion to tell tales of his own.

When you see Reno, you might be wondering where you’ve seen him before. Well, in addition to music, Reno is also a talented actor, dancer and model. Best known for his acting work in Murder Wall and Rev (2020). Reno also appeared in Miracle in Motor City, and Hello Au Revoir alongside other known actors from all across the globe.

Reno Valay Age and Place of Birth

Reno Valay is a Jamaican root but was born and grew up in Canada. His date of birth is July 2, 1994.

Net Worth

Reno Valay rapper net worth

His music catalogue and other side hustle has estimated Reno Valay to worth over $100,000.



Reno Valay Songs

  • Vision
  • P.U.T.C
  • Just Another Story
  • I Get Up
  • Ride Together
  • How Far I Go

Reno Valay Quotes

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