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Australian actress and producer Margot Elise Robbie (/ˈmɑ\rɡoʊ ˈrɒbi/ MAR-goh ROB-ee) was born on July 2, 1990. Acclaimed for her work in both independent and blockbuster films, she has won numerous awards and been nominated for four Golden Globes, five BAFTA Awards, and two Academy Awards. In 2017, Time listed her as one of the 100 most powerful people on the planet, and in 2019, Forbes listed her as one of the highest-paid actors globally.


Margot. Doug Robbie, a former farmer and sugarcane magnate, and Sarie Kessler, a physiotherapist, welcomed Elise Robbie into the world on July 2, 1990, in Dalby, Queensland.Out of four siblings—a younger brother named Cameron, two older siblings named Anya and Lachlan—she is the second youngest.She was five years old when her parents divorced.Robbie and her siblings had little to no interaction with their father and were reared by their single mother. Robbie was raised primarily on her grandparents’ Gold Coast hinterland farm, Currumbin Valley Robbie was an active child who frequently staged performances in her home.

Her mother put her in a circus school, where she excelled in trapeze and graduated at age eight 


In high school, Robbie landed her first acting roles. Years later, she starred in two independent low-budget thriller films, Vigilante and I.C.U. Becoming on a movie set was, in her words, “a dream come true”. Her first appearance on television was as a guest star in the drama series City Homicide in 2008 as Caitlin Brentford. She then starred opposite Liam Hemsworth in a two-episode storyline in the children’s show The Elephant Princess.

In Martin Scorsese’s biographical black comedy The Wolf of Wall Street, Robbie had her breakout performance as protagonist Jordan Belfort’s wife, Naomi Lapaglia, in the same year. Robbie faked a slap on co-star Leonardo DiCaprio during a fight scene during her test, and it worked, landing her the role.Reviews of the movie and her performance were favourable; her on-screen Brooklyn accent won her special recognition.Regarding Robbie’s performance, critic Sasha Stone penned, “Scorsese’s best blonde bombshell discovery since Cathy Moriarty in Raging Bull is Robbie.” Robbie is witty, tough, and steals every scene she is in.With a $392 million global box office haul, The Wolf of Wall Street became Scorsese’s highest-grossing movie to date.

Joining Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Viola Davis in the ensemble cast of David Ayer’s 2016 superhero picture Suicide Squad, Robbie became the first person to play DC Comics villain Harley Quinn in a live-action role. Although she acknowledged that she had never read the comics, she felt a great sense of obligation to honour the character and win over the audience.

In Will Gluck’s computer-animated comedy Peter Rabbit, which is based on the Beatrix Potter book series, Robbie voiced Flopsy Rabbit to start 2018. Despite a $50 million production expense, the animated picture was a box office hit, earning $351.3 million worldwide.In 2018, she starred in two films: the neo-noir thriller

Robbie began the new decade by reprising the role of Harley Quinn in Cathy Yan’s Birds Of prey (2020). Determined to make a female ensemble action film, she pitched the idea for the film to Warner Bros in 2015. Robbie spent the subsequent three years developing the project under her production company, making a concerted effort to hire a female director and screenwriter

Her next movie release was the fantasy comedy Barbie, which costarred Ryan Gosling as Ken.In 2018, Robbie purchased the film’s rights from Mattel as producer, based on the fashion doll of the same name.After Gal Gadot turned down her offer, she cast herself in the lead role and hired Greta Gerwig to write and direct the movie.Gerwig and Robbie viewed vintage Technicolour musicals like The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) and The Red Shoes (1948) in order to get ready. According to Variety, Robbie received the highest salary of any Hollywood actress that year—$12.5 million—for the role.Robbie was complimented by Alison Willmore of Vulture for blending “humour” and “heartbreaking earnestness” in her portrayal, noting how well she fit the role. 

In 2013, Robbie got to know Tom Ackerley, a British assistant director, while working on Suite Française. Along with Ackerley and the co-founders of LuckyChap Entertainment, Sophia Kerr and Josey McNamara, she relocated to London in 2014. Robbie and Ackerley started dating later on in the year.They live in Venice Beach, California, and were married in Australia in December 2016



Actress Margot Robbie, who hails from Australia, is worth $60 million. Margot Robbie started her career in Australia, but after relocating to the US, she became well-known. She has played a wide range of roles throughout the years, many of them historical figures in biopics.