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Miranda Cosgrove (American Actress and Singer)

Miranda Cosgrove BIOGRAPHY

Miranda Taylor Cosgrove is an American actress and singer who was born on May 14, 1993 . In 2012, she was the highest-paid child performer, and in 2022, Forbes magazine listed her among its “30 Under 30″ list.She gained notoriety for her work in comedic drama projects, advertisements, and hosting throughout her time on television.


Cosgrove was born in Los Angeles to Chris (née Casey), a homemaker, and Tom Cosgrove, owner of a dry cleaner. She has claimed to be of French, English, and Irish ancestry. Being the sole child, she received home education starting in the sixth grade..In Her dream job was to become a veterinarian before she became an actress.

Cosgrove attended the University of Southern California in 2012.


While singing and dancing at the Taste of L.A. restaurant in Los Angeles, she was seen by a talent agent at the age of three .Cosgrove claims that she “was lucky” and that she “never really thought of being an actress” when the agent approached her and her mother.She later modelled for other companies and made multiple appearances in TV ads for McDonald’s and Mello Yello. When she was seven years old, she started going to television and theatre auditions.In Her debut on television came in 2001 when she voiced a young Lana Lang in the Smallville pilot episode.

Richard Linklater’s 2003 film School of Rock marked Cosgrove’s feature film debut. She portrayed Summer Hathaway in the film, a young girl with discipline and a lot of ambition who has to get used to her new music teacher Jack Black’s free-spirited ways. In addition to being a box office triumph, making over $130 million worldwide, School of Rock was also well-received by critics, with a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Cosgrove, along with Drake Bell and Josh Peck, was cast in the Nickelodeon comedy Drake & Josh in 2004, marking her first significant appearance in a television programme. She played the naughty younger sister of the title characters in the series, Megan Parker. Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie, a Cartoon Network production, cast Cosgrove as Munch in 2005. Cosgrove plays a female mouse in the movie that Junior and Flutter save from a hawk and then decides to go on an adventure with them.Additionally, Cosgrove made two appearances as a guest star in the animated comedy Lilo & Stitch: The Series. Alongside Drake, her co-star in Drake & Josh, she also landed her second significant role in a theatrical movie.

In the sitcom iCarly, which debuted on September 8, 2007, Cosgrove was chosen to play the title role. Dan Schneider, the show’s creator, designed iCarly with the interest in the internet in mind for its youth. Fans could submit their own videos to be featured in the sitcom.On September 16, 2007, the last Drake & Josh episode aired. In the 9–14 demographic, iCarly had the third-highest rating by the summer of 2008. In June 2008, the cable television programme with the highest viewership was the “iCarly Saves TV” special.

On December 2, 2007, Cosgrove made his recording debut with the iCarly theme song “Leave It All to Me” (with Drake Bell). The song was made available as a single. The iCarly soundtrack, which included four songs sung by Cosgrove, was released by Columbia Records in June 2008 and debuted at the top of the Billboard Kid Albums chart.

In July 2010, Cosgrove provided the voice of Margo in the 3-D computer-animated film Despicable Me, produced by Universal Studios.

In an iCarly revival that debuted on Paramount+ in June 2021 and had a second season premiere in April 2022, Cosgrove plays Carly Shay once more.Cosgrove added, “I knew from a really young age how the executive producer of the show pretty much got to decide almost every aspect, now I get to have a say in everything.” She also acts as an executive producer for the sitcom 


Miranda Cosgrove is an American actress and recording artist who has a net worth of $10 million.