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Cece Winas – Throne Room

  • Release date: 9 September 2003
  • Label: Puresprings and Epic Records

With Throne CDRoom, Winans departs from the urban/pop vibe of her previous award-winning album (see album review) and returns to the small praise and worship environment that introduced her to the solo arena in 1995 with the Grammy- and Platinum-winning Alone In His Presence

No surprise, the musical artistry of the project is ultra excellent. Longtime collaborators cedric and Victor Cromwell were are at the producer’s table, orchestrating a soft but rich backdrop to the entire set of sixteen studio tracks, allowing Winans to flow with her distinctive vocals in a subtle variety of settings

Ably demonstrating that indeed, worship is where her heart is, CeCe Winans puts her both her praise-laden heart and her gloriously gifted musical soul into this recording.

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Cece Winas Throne Room Tracklist

1. Hallelujah to The King
2. Jesus, You’re Beautiful
3. Throne Room
4. How Great Thou Art
5. You’re so holy
6. Oh Thou Most High
7. By Thy Blood (worthy is the lamb)
8. Hallelujah to the king
9. Thirst For You
10. Come Fill My Heart
11. Mercy Said No
12. All in Your Name
13. No One Else
14. Hallelujah Praise
15. Just Like you, Jesus
16. A heart like yours