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Charlie Puth – Charlie

  • Release date: 7 October 2022
  • Label: Atlantic Records

With his excellent and well-rounded third studio album, Charlie Puth demonstrates that he possesses the ideal formula for a successful pop album as well.

Charlie is a masterfully composed compilation of earworms that spans 12 tracks, each lasting less than three minutes, and sticks in your head longer than any viral image or TikTok video. With his superb and well-rounded third studio album, the man with the flawless pitch demonstrates that he also possesses the ideal recipe for an outstanding pop song.

Puth is a sensitive soul at heart, despite his ostensibly carefree exterior, and Charlie examines the range of feelings that result from unrequited love. Puth is a man who has been wronged, but he doesn’t dwell in his misery, and the album’s brighter, more optimistic songs counterbalance the album’s darker lyrics, which make references to everything from pop rock to alternative to early aughts boy bands.

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Charlie Puth’s Charlie Tracklist

7.  Loser