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Demi Lovato – Confident

  • Release date: 15 October 2015
  • Label: Hollywood, Island and Safehouse Records

With a brassy, sleek, and dynamic pop production that propels her powerful voice to new emotional heights, Demi Lovato’s fifth studio album is the album she was always meant to make. The colourful, energetic title track, “Fast and Furious,” sets the tone for the album in the best possible way. “Cool for the Summer,” her shoulda-been summertime hit song, is still fun, fresh, and seductive. On “Kingdom Come,” she makes a luxury turn into post-“Dark Horse” trap pop, which works incredibly well until guest MC Iggy Azalea’s Big Sean impersonation overpowers the song’s energy.

But the most impressive thing about Confident is Lovato’s mastery of the power-ballad form – check the raw soul she brings to “Stone Cold.”

Father,” a choir-assisted elegy for Lovato’s deceased biological father from 2013, marks the conclusion of Confident. Before his death, he and Lovato had been at odds for six years. The song’s lyrics take listeners through psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grieving in an unvarnished way. Lovato talks of regret and guilt, holding onto anger, and, at the end, the hope that he’s in a more tranquil place on the song. Confident becomes something more than just an album title with this stunning ending. At one point, Lovato sings, “You did your best/Or did you?/Sometimes I think I hate you.” She not only channels her grief, but she also shows its darker side.

Lovato’s growth since her debut as a tween TV star has been public, and it hasn’t been without stumbles. But her willingness to own every step and misstep, and to show her audience how the rough times helped her become the woman she is, makes Confident a surprisingly compelling listen.

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Demi Lovato’s Confident Tracklist

1.Cool For the summer


3.Old Ways

4.For You

5. Stone Cold

6.Kingdom Come

7.Waitin For You






13. Mr Hughes

14Cool for the summer. Jumper remix

15.Cool for the Summer