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Donnie McClurkin – A different song

  • Release date: 8 November 2019
  • Label: RCA inspirational
  • Catalog #: 592434

Featuring the moving hits “Not Yet” and “There Is God,” A Different Song is the renowned singer, songwriter, and producer’s seventh solo album. On November 15th, a Friday, the album will be made available. Including “Pour My Praise On You,” “Let It Go,” “His Ways,” and other songs, McClurkin wrote eight songs and recorded the majority of the album live. The eleven tracks on the CD are uplifting, transformative, and full of hope.

Now, McClurkin returns with brand new music and a brand new sound, fit to bless and unify all nations. McClurkin has travelled the world, singing in various countries and in nearly as many languages, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ

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Donnie McClurkin’s A different song Tracklist

I Will Call Upon the Lord
Worship Medley [Days Of Elijah, How Great Is Our God, Our God, Nobody Greater] Pour My Praise On You
Every Tribe
There Is No Question
There Is God
Let It Go
His Ways
Not Yet
All to the Glory of God
I Won’t Complain