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Hillsong – Shout To The Lord

  • Release date: 13 February 2000
  • Label: Integrity music

Shout to the Lord’ was Darlene’s first album I listened to and have been trying to get all her songs!

Her best feature is a lively vibrant worship style that gets you involved. All the songs are very singable and can be heard in churches all over the world.

The album has great variety and jumps from the fast paced ’People just like us’ to the lilting tunes of ’I will never be’ going thru some catchy riffs in ’father of Creation’ and ’I believe the presence’!!


Without a doubt, among the most poignant and passionate praise and worship hymns ever written is “Shout to the Lord.” It extols the virtues of God and emphasises the power and grandeur of Christ. And yet, what little word has the greatest meaning? Oh, my. You, Jesus. My Redeemer. intimate, private, and envious. Fantastic! The all-powerful God has decided to be one of us! As Christians, He is our Father and we are His children. Exuberant praise springs from a grateful heart, a heart that has been gently touched and transformed forever by the living Lord! True worship acknowledges the deservingness of Christ!


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Hillsong’s Shout To The Lord Tracklist

  1. Can’t Stop Talking (2:08)
  2. Friends In High Places (1:49)
  3. God Is In The House (3:18)
  4. All Things Are Possible (4:00)
  5. Jesus Is Alive (2:43)
  6. Breathe On Me (4:32)
  7. My Heart Will Trust (4:56)
  8. The Potter’s Hand (5:47)
  9. Love You So Much (5:58)
  10. That’s What We Came Here For (5:39)
  11. My Redeemer Li  ves (3:59)
  12. God Is Good (5:11)
  13. Shout To The Lord (6:04)
  14. Glory To The King 7:19)
  15. Eagle’s Wings (4:32)
  16. Hear Our Praises (5:34)