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Janelle Monae – Age of pleasure

  • Release date: 9 July 2023
  • Label: Atlantic Records

The Age of Pleasure, a half-hour fever dream that feels like a hazy stretch of time at a sun-dappled gathering of people whose stunning beauty is matched by their alluring personalities. Beats from all over the map flow into each other; snatches of dialogue slip into the mix; the lyrics are focused on feeling good, whether through carnal pleasure or being comfortable in one’s own skin.

Although Monáe has become one of the most highly praised musicians of the last ten years or more because to her high-concept, genre-spanning albums, The Age of Pleasure appears to be a departure for her. The line “Don’t ask me shit about work, ’cause I’m on champagne shit” from the opulent boast “Champagne Shit” captures the overall idea of this album.

Whether she’s producing intense live performances, strong films, or striking ensembles, Monáe has been prolific and successful in anything she’s attempted. She has the opportunity to fully enjoy the Age of Pleasure and invite others to join in on the fun.

The Age of Pleasure ends almost too soon; the breezy come-on “A Dry Red” closes out with Monáe reminiscing about the summer, until her voice is flipped and spun out in a way that feels like being time-warped out of paradise. But that’s the nature of pleasure; it’s fleeting, but it’s worth luxuriating in — and working to get back there is worth the effort more often than not.

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Janelle Monae’s Age Of Pleasure Tracklist

1. “Float” Feat. Seun Kuti And Egypt 80
2. “Champagne Shit”
3. “Black Sugar Beach”
4. “Phenomenal” Feat. Doechii
5. “Haute”
6. “Ooh La La” Feat. Grace Jones
7. “Lipstick Lover”
8. “The Rush” Feat. Amaarae and Nia Long
9. “The French 75” Feat. Sister Nancy
10. “Water Slide”
11. “Know Better” Feat. CKay
12. “Paid In Pleasure”
13. “Only Have Eyes 42”
14. “A Dry Red”