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Justin Beiber – Justice

  • Release date: 19 March 2021
  • Label: Def jam records

The opening line of Justin Bieber’s sixth album, Justice, features Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The civil rights hero declares, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” which makes us anticipate—perhaps with some trepidation—a remark from the 27-year-old music singer himself on these turbulent times.

The message of Justice, then, is that Justin Bieber is an adult. “Holy,” which features big-time marriage fan Chance The Rapper, celebrates the spirituality of Bieber’s earthly love, and the uplifting “Hold On” is a promise from a man who “knows how it feels to be someone who loses their way” to other lost souls.

But mostly, there are abject love songs. On “Deserve You,” about how he doesn’t, Bieber sings “I’m praying that I don’t go back to who I was,” and on “As I Am,” a duet with the thoughtfully muzzy-voiced pop star, Khalid, Bieber confesses “When I push your love away / I hate myself.”

Luckily, there are two enormous, completely distinct ballads that are ideal for him as the record finishes. Though it can’t completely avoid self-pity, the heartbroken song “Anyone” is a fittingly colossal declaration of unwavering love, and the despondent hit song “Lonely” makes you feel sorry for the “idiot kid” Bieber once was. If nothing else, Bieber has the right to speak out about this issue.

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Justin Beiber’s Justice Tracklist

1. “2 Much”

2. “Deserve You”

3. “As I Am” feat. Khalid

4. “Off My Face”

Holy” feat. Chance the Rapper

6. “Unstable” feat. The Kid Laroi

7. “Interlude”

8. “Die for You”

9. “Hold On”

10. “Somebody”

11. “Ghost”

12. “Peaches” feat. Giveon and Daniel Caesar

13. “Love You Different”

14. “Loved by You”

15. “Anyone”

16. “Lonely” feat. Benny Blanco