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Little Mix- Confetti

  • Release date: 16 September 2020
  • Label: Syco, RCA, Columbia records


British Girl group Little Mix Release their sixth album titled “Confetti “


have embraced Girl Power ever since they were discovered on The X Factor in 2011, frequently drawing inspiration from the Spice Girls, who helped launch the movement and brand.
From their early smash ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ to Confetti single and opener ‘Break Up Song’, which speeds over a throbbing, Eighties-inspired synth beat, they have developed a speciality in the kiss-off hymn. With its subtle jabs at former label head Simon Cowell later in the album, “Not a Pop Song” gives the genre a cunning twist: “I don’t do what Simon says/ Get the message because it’s read.”


Otherwise, everything continue as normal. Break-Up Song features synths with an 80s Boys of Summer influence; Sweet Melody features a reggaeton beat; Holiday features post-Daft Punk house; My Love Won’t Let You Down features gospel-inspired piano balladry; and throughout, the voices are cling-filmed in Auto-Tune. Although everything is done extremely well, it never quite reaches the heights of their best songs, Black Magic and Shout Out to My Ex, which are both outstanding examples of the songwriter-for-hire’s trade. Sweet Melody stands out because its mildly unpleasant vocal hook is overshadowed by its scathing lyrics about the ex-boyfriends of other pop stars (“He would lie, he would cheat, over a syncopated beat”), whereas Happiness expertly manages to stay on the right side of cheesy.


The bold statement made by Not a Pop Song that “no more singing songs about breaking my heart and my lonely nights dancing in the dark” will be made in the middle of an album full of songs about broken hearts (“My baby don’t love me no more and it hurts like hell,” laments Breathe) and which literally opens with a song about a lonely night spent dancing in the dark: “I’ve found a way to dance without you in the middle of the crowed” is still rather strange

When the album’s production takes a cautious step into more daring area, the impression of a band eager to have their cake and eat it is lessened. A Mess (Happy 4 U) hits the ideal balance between catchy pop sugar rush and sonic inventiveness, transforming after two minutes into a gloomy cloud of recorded panting, booming drums, and distorted vocals. Gloves Up’s clattering rhythm track evokes the experimentation prevalent in early 2000s R&B. It’s possible that Little Mix, whose members have spoken out against everything from racism to cyberbullying and mental health, will shift their focus as promised, but it’s probably best not to hold your breath. Maybe Not a Pop Song is speaking about the future rather than the present.


Confetti contains some wonderful songs, but it doesn’t represent where Little Mix should be after over ten years and their considerable skill.This album doesn’t show enough improvement over their earlier work.Just more of the same, really.Little Mix should take the opportunity to have that discussion I stated, reevaluate their sound, and consider the kind of musical legacy they want to leave now that they are only a three-piece.Because merely providing us with albums like these won’t suffice.
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Little Mix’s Confetti tracklist
‘Break Up Song’
‘Sweet Melody’
‘Make You Mine’ featuring Anne-Marie
‘Not a Pop Song’
‘Party At Home’
‘Makeup’ featuring Doja Cat
‘Gloves Up’
‘Disco in the 90’
‘Rainy Days’