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Megan Thee Stallion – Good News

  • Release date: 20 November 2020
  • Label: 300 label

On her most recent album Good News, Megan shifts her focus to more urgent issues following some harsh record-straightening on “Shots Fired” over the same sample Biggie allegedly used in his Tupac taunt “Who Shot Ya?” and more nebulous grievance-airing (fake friends and bothersome men) over the New Orleans bounce of “Circles.” She switches between turning her attacker’s gunshots into tiny pellets and making fun of a man she has so thoroughly fucked that he wants to wear her sweatshirt. She hardly ever looks back after the shooting this summer. Though rooted in classic R&B and rap songs, her sounds are more lively and fun than before. Her rapping is still incredibly sharp, full of punchlines and jabs that make your mouth drop and your ears perk up.

With the hugely popular “Savage Remix” and the hits “Girls in the Hood” and “Don’t Stop,” the album closes with a celebratory mood akin to confetti raining down from the roof during a Madison Square Garden encore. The 14 songs that come before them range in style from sultry and seductive to dance-routine ready and pulsating with 808s. This is understandable considering that more than 14 producers are involved in Good News as opposed to Megan’s regular pair, Lil Ju and Juicy J. High-profile beatmakers Tay Keith and Mustard, as well as Dutch upstart Avedon, who makes a splash on the outstanding song “What’s New,” join the pair here. The optimism of the producers unites their varied efforts, which is a new tone for Megan.

There are a few subtle yet effective hooks strewn throughout Good News; they stick in your head and effortlessly flow off your tongue. One says, “Body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody.” Her poetry, however, is sharp and polished, like to fine spirits. Her wit and delivery are unmatched, whether she’s trading barbs with City Girls on “Do It on the Tip” or referencing island-exclusive cognac on a dancehall song with Popcaan. This album has the greatest features of her career, and she puts out her best effort driven by collaboration (or, more likely, rivalry) when she receives a rap assist, such as on “Movie” with Lil Durk or “Cry Baby” with DaBaby. Megan is more popular and skilled than her colleagues.

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Megan Thee Stallion’s Good News’ Tracklist

1. “Shots Fired”
2. “Circles”
3. “Cry Baby” feat. DaBaby
4. “Do It on the Tip” feat. City Girls
5. “Sugar Baby”
6. “Movie” feat. Lil Durk
7. “Freaky Girls” feat. SZA
8. “Body”
9. “What’s New”
10. “Work That”
11. “Intercourse” feat. Popcaan and Mustard
12. “Go Crazy” feat. Big Sean and 2 Chainz
13. “Don’t Rock Me to Sleep”
14. “Outside”
15. “Savage (Remix)” feat. Beyoncé
16. “Girls in the Hood”
17. “Don’t Stop” feat. Young Thug