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Ne-Yo – Self explanatory

  • Release date: 15 July 2022
  • Label: Motown records, compound entertainment

Grammy Award-winning artist Ne-Yo has just dropped his brand-new, 13-track album, Self-Explanatory. Ne-Yo hasn’t slowed down in the sixteen years since he made his debut. The R&B singer’s eighth studio album, Self Explanatory, was just published. Ne-Yo started working on the album four years ago, but it seems that his intentions were slowed down by the pandemic. Nevertheless, the 13-track album, which includes previously released collaborations with Trippie Redd, Zae France, Jeremih, and Bleu, was ultimately released.

The thirteen-track album starts out with its first song, “Layin’ Low”, which features Zae France, the album’s first feature. In this slow R&B tune, both singers go on about a chick that is now always ‘outside’ after being introduced to some of the nice but overwhelming perks of the fast life, basically igniting the fire of the ‘bad bitch’ in her.

He called the album “pretty much” a mirror of his life since 2018, and it’s a collection of songs that are encapsulating genuine and honest experiences and ideas. He tried his hardest to be honest about the challenges he faced in his personal life and relationships while working on the project. Nor did he hesitate to acknowledge his own shortcomings.

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Ne Yo’s Self Explanatory Tracklist

1. “Layin’ Low” feat. Zae France
2. “You Got The Body”
3. “After Party”
4. “Handle Me Gently”
5. “Don’t Love Me”
6. “U 2 Luv” feat. Jeremih
7. “Push Up” feat. Trippie Redd
8. “Proud of You”
9. “Call Me Up”
10. “What If”
11. “Want It All or Nothing”
12. “No Loot”
13. “Stay Down” feat. Bleu