Omah Lay - Boy Alone (Deluxe)(Full Album)

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Omah Lay – Boy Alone (Deluxe)

  • Release date: 15 July 2022
  • Label: Sire Records

Nigerian music sensation Omah Lay has thrilled fans with the highly anticipated deluxe edition of his debut album, ‘Boy Alone (Deluxe).’

Originally released to critical acclaim last year, ‘Boy Alone’ was hailed as a standout album of the year. Now, with the deluxe edition, Omah Lay breathes new life into his musical masterpiece by adding six sensational tracks that seamlessly blend with the original collection. From the soulful melodies of “Reason” to the infectious vibes of “Joanna” and the electrifying remix of “Soso” featuring Ozuna, Omah Lay delivers an awe-inspiring musical experience.

Collaborations with renowned artists further elevate the album’s appeal. Omah Lay joins forces with global sensation Justin Bieber on the previously released track “Attention,” showcasing the Nigerian star’s ability to bridge musical boundaries. Additionally, his collaboration with the immensely talented Tay Iwar on “Tell Everybody” adds an extra layer of artistry to the project. The album also features a captivating fusion of influences in the track “Imagine,” with British rapper Aitch lending his distinct voice.

Maintaining the exceptional production quality that defined the original release, Omah Lay enlists a talented team of producers including Orlandoh, P2J, P. Prime, Niphkeys, BGRZ, Tuzi, and the exceptionally skilled Tempoe. Their collective contributions enhance the sonic richness of ‘Boy Alone Deluxe,’ creating an immersive listening experience that enchant audiences.

Boy Alone Album (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist By Omah Lay.

  • Omah Lay – Reason
  • Omah Lay – Come Closer
  • Omah Lay – It’s Yours
  • Omah Lay – Imagine (feat. Aitch)
  • Omah Lay – Joanna
  • Omah Lay – Soso (Remix) (feat. Ozuna)
  • Omah Lay – Recognize
  • Omah Lay – i
  • Omah Lay – Bend You
  • Omah Lay – Woman
  • Omah Lay – I’m A Mess
  • Omah Lay – Temptations
  • Omah Lay – Understand
  • Omah Lay – Never Forget
  • Omah Lay – Safe Haven
  • Omah Lay – Attention (feat. Justin Bieber)
  • Omah Lay – Soso
  • Omah Lay – How To Luv
  • Omah Lay – Tell Everybody (feat. Tay Iwar)
  • Omah Lay – Purple Song

Listen to the amazing body of work below.

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