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5ON5 Releases This Love Song “100 LOVESONGS”

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The emerging Berlin music collaboration 5ON5 consists of four artists who have joined forces to create the music they themselves would like to hear. Something a little fresh, cheeky, and unique. With members from two generations and quite varied backgrounds, the quartet itself is also a little unique. There is Max, a veteran Berlin singer-songwriter with over 20 years of experience.

The band has done it again, combining melodious vocals with a softly stirring pop chorus that, along with the catchy beat, immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to sing along. The second half of the song, where all of the artists’ voices combine to produce a warm summer mood that is audible in the initial few seconds of the song, is where the song develops very wonderfully.

“100 LOVESONGS” is totally up my alley because I adore any music with a dancing beat or rap, whether it be disco, EDM, dance-pop, or hip hop. Despite the fact that the song’s title already gives away its meaning. I adore the group’s unusual vocals, which give the music a chill body. I especially adore their gorgeous chorus harmonies. A really fantastic track is produced by the marriage of expert musicianship and alluring vocals.

Listen to 5ON5 100 LOVESONGS song below.

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