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A first look at the former cast members and All That who will be appearing with Kenan and Kel in Good Burger 2

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As the previously mentioned guys, Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson have returned. Their reunion coincides with their favourite fast-food chain’s attempt to modernise them out of a job. Not only are the two 45-year-old actors reunited, but. Alumni of All That Lorin Josh Server and Beth Denberg also play parts they played in the original Good Burger movie again.

Man, it is such a blessing,” Mitchell told EW in March when the cast of their 1997 film, which itself came about because of All That’s well-known “Good Burger” routines that aired on Nickelodeon in 1994, announced the release of its sequel. “The experience has been incredible for both of us. We probably didn’t anticipate that we would be performing Good Burger at this time, even though it is so lovely and holds a particular place in people’s hearts.

It’s such a blessing, man.” Mitchell told EW in March that the cast of their 1997 movie—which was based on All That’s famous “Good Burger” skits from 1994 Nickelodeon—announced the release of its follow-up. “It has been an amazing experience for both of us. Despite the fact that Good Burger is so beautiful and special to people, we probably had no idea that we would be performing it at this moment.

Good Burger 2 premieres on Paramount+ this Nov. 22.

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