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A Strip Club and a Lawnmower Were Bought for 2 Chainz’s Birthday, He Recalls in a Hilarious Way

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When he joined Lil Wayne on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the rapper recalled the purchases.

The Atlanta rap superstar discussed the presents he gave himself for his 46th birthday last month during his appearance on The Tonight Show with Lil Wayne. 2 Chainz claims that in order to feel more like a regular person, he purchased a lawnmower and trimmed his own grass.

2 Chainz said, “I bought a lawnmower and a strip club,” while Lil Wayne couldn’t contain his laughs. “I’ve always lived in apartments, but after I started making money as a rapper, I bought a house. Now that I have money, I hire people to do everything for me, just as most wealthy people do. Then I opened my eyes and thought, “You know what? I had never mowed the lawn before. I felt like maybe I still hadn’t reached masculinity, so I got up and went and grabbed me a John Deere,” he added. Zero-turn.”

According to Chainz, the strip club is called CandyLand and is situated in Atlanta. Even telling them to “go check it out.”

Additionally, Chainz and Wayne released their collaborative song “Presha.” Next month, the pair plans to release ColleGrove 2.

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