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Akso Heart Not Easy

Akso Heart Finally Premiered New Song “Not Easy”

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Akso Heart Not Easy is officially released today, on all streaming platforms.

Akso Heart is a gifted musician with a beautiful discography. If you haven’t heard of him, I strongly advise you to do so. Furthermore, he generates sounds that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Not Easy, his most recent song, is an ethereal feeling melody. It has a great soundscape that seems to anchor everything. The percussive parts, on the other hand, contribute to that with minimalistic tones. With his singing, Akso Heart seems to carry the entire song. His words and cadence are wonderful, and when he improvises, it sounds like nirvana. The song as a whole sounds like a minimalist R&B piece, yet there’s more to it than meets the eye. Everything in this tune sounds delicious as it all comes together to create this lovely, mellifluous track for us to enjoy.

Akso Heart Not Easy

Akso Heart hails from the United Kingdom and is a singer-songwriter. The R&B singer concentrated his career chances on his music after spending a lengthy period obtaining his PhD in Chemistry. His name comes from the Japanese word Aks, which meaning “image” or “reflection.” He spent a significant amount of time in Japan for his studies, which allowed him to benefit from the cultural influence. He also believes that he needs to begin on his own musical journey, one that is centred on himself and his background.

Listen to Akso Heart Not Easy below!

New music: Akso Heart Not Easy

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