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Al Mur Goodbye Summer!

Al Mur lo-fi Instrumental “Goodbye Summer!” Released

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Multi-Instrumentalist Al Mur just released his new single “Goodbye Summer!” to all streaming platforms.

With over Two Thousand monthly streams on Spotify and a lot of publications written about him on the internet and being featured on Spotify “Discover Weekly”, Al Mur is quickly becoming a viral internet sensation.

Al Mur said the song was inspired by his wife’s oil on canvas painting of their daughter. The song is a lo-fi instrumental perfect for studying or relaxing in a car. It has a nice relaxing, chill vibe. Al Mur have been influenced by many musicians, including classical composers and his favorite composers are List and Mussorgsky.

Al Mur is a North Carolina based composer/producer who creates beautiful lo-fi hip hop instrumentals. His compositions are influenced by various contemporary musicians, such as Misc.Inc, Deadmau5, Robert Miles, Brian Culbertson, Peter White, and others. His exploration of music incorporates elements of jazz, disco, hip hop and trance.

Listen to Al Mur Goodbye Summer! song below.

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