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Welcome everyone!!! Since we’re all lovers of music let me introduce or reintroduce to you UK-based artist Alan Mair. The Only Ones’ Alan Mair just released a new song titled “If I Gave The World a Turn.” The song was released on the 2nd of February. Alan wrote, produced, and performed all of the instrumentation on the song demonstrating his vast array of talents. Let me tell you more about it.

This soft rock song begins with a classic and classy guitar foundation. Mair then swoops in with his silky and beautiful vocals. There and then you know, you just know you made the right decision listening to this song!

The song is a contemplation on the difficulties encountered in love and life in general, as well as what one may do if allowed to change the course of one’s history. The song also discusses going above and beyond to satisfy someone’s desires (“I’ll cut out my heart and, put it in your hand, then maybe you’ll understand “)The song’s lyrics are deep and describe the complexities of life and love and Alan does well to sing it in a way that draws into his world to listen to his story and ultimately connect with him. What a rare quality that this song has!

This is a labor of love, it is Alan’s baby with whom he has injected a lot of love. The song itself combines an epic subject with Alan’s powerful vocals and alternative rock. And the end product is this amazing piece of work that comes from deep inside his soul.

For many years, Alan has been writing music and performing live to large crowds with his legendary band, The Only Ones.

Alan has performed thousands of gigs at numerous festivals, including Glastonbury and O2 Wireless, so he has perfected both his studio and live stage work for this album. If you are familiar with his work you will agree with me and if you don’t know him or his work please get Acquainted because he has great star power, skill, and dedication and is going to go very far in the industry!

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