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Hi there, sweet readers and other music enthusiasts! Today we’re featuring artist Alexa Lash from Miami.

Alexa Lash is releasing “Fate,” a fully produced tune that personifies, challenges, and examines the idea of fate via the prism of self-reflection, following several acoustic releases to start the year. This is Lash and Rubio, a recent addition to the Miami music scene’s first co-written song. Released on April 26th, this incredible tune will give you the time of your life. Now let’s get started.

You know deep down that this is going to be incredible when the first guitar and whistle tones are heard.

The release of Fate is going to be amazing. It begins with a whistle-heavy prelude that instantly transports you to a road surrounded by drifting tumbleweeds. The first phrase of the song, “Our time is wasted on the young,” is powerful. When it’s too late, the elderly recognize their worth. If Lash’s lyrical skills weren’t enough to convince you that the speaker is reflecting on life and knowledge with great seriousness, she does it right away.

This song is an anthem for anyone on the road who has been pondering, “Do my choices matter?” rather than a flower-gazing diversion. Or have things already planned out and I’m just following the current? In essence, is fate real? These are inquiries made by the persona. However, the song leaves you with one basic notion by the time it ends: You will constantly question whether fate exists because, as they say, “you are fate’s lover.” And you find yourself lured into Alexa’s mindset.

Rubio played the song’s intense guitar part. Lash executes the vocals. Local multi-instrumentalist Marcel Salas plays lead guitar, bass, and drums. Also blowing the opening whistle is Ferny Coipel, who engineered and produced the song at Shack North in Hialeah, Florida. This amazing composition was made possible by the amazing musicians who all performed their parts flawlessly.

Alexa has started to make me doubt the existence of fate. I connected with the song, and I had a great time listening to it all. Beware, world! Alexa is turning things up!

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