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Hi there music fans and dearest readers. Let’s give a warm welcome to music star Allegra. Allegra, located in London, has become well-known as one of the breakthrough musicians in the UK thanks to her releases over the past two years. She has been hard at work giving the fans what they want and she’s back with “Round and Round” (Tiësto Remix). This track was released on 25th June along with a show-stopping video. Let me tell you about this amazing song and video in my review. The foot-tapping song begins in an upbeat way. Allegra’s voice is inviting as she sings about moving on from your ex in a powerful way. Are you strapped in ?? Because this will be the ride of your life!

Allegra appears in many shots and settings throughout the video all of which feature her looking stunning, strong, and seductive while showcasing some amazing dancing moves. Dancers are set up all around Allegra as the light shimmers. The images of her stomping in the water while wearing stunning heels portray a free-spirited woman whose ex is still infatuated with her (“cause thoughts of me go round and round your head”). Allegra recognized right away that she also wanted to give Tiësto’s creation a dance-based music video to showcase his amazing work, which she does with amazing accuracy!

As anticipated, Tiësto has produced an incredible remix of Allegra’s “Round & Round,” utilizing his signature sound, production quality, and catchy melodies to make his version an instant hit. The new mix neatly walks the line between pop and club music and is a magnificently entertaining song with amazing visuals that will snatch your soul from your body!

“Round and Round” is a powerful anthem that everyone will enjoy. The dance moves are enticing and you will have to try to imitate it yourself. The song is highly entertaining and the vocals that support it are out of this world. Allegra is a star as you will see in this video and no one can stop her now!

Stream “Round and Round” on Spotify and watch the video.

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