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Hello, music fans and dearest readers! Back on our blog again is Park City-based artist Gary Dranow. You must have heard the sad “Hadrian’s Wall”, the rock and roll “Ripping” and the emotionally captivating “I’m a Man”. Well, Dranow is definitely on a roll with his latest single “Chaos”. “Chaos” was released on 25th January and is a thought-provoking song that packs quite a punch. Let’s get into the details of this song

It begins quite slowly and dramatically with soft electric guitar sounds. After the intro builds Dranow begins to deliver a most powerful and passionate performance that will send shivers down your spine

At its heart, the song is an insightful song that explores the dysfunction of the Republican Party. With the moving line, “Liberty’s Keepers in silence amused,” this song offers a startling viewpoint on the current status of politics. It is a must-listen for anyone looking for music that entertains and provokes critical thought because of its dynamic sound and captivating lyrics. “Chaos” is a frank and accurate depiction of the times that we live in. Kudos to Dranow for making politics seem interesting through this song.

When it comes to production, nothing was taken for granted. Dranow knew he’d have to catch and keep the listener’s attention given the topic of the song, therefore the song is very layered. It might sound like a ballad initially, but it eventually picks up the tempo and oscillates between the genres of a rock and a ballad song, giving listeners a taste of both worlds. A feat which is not easily achieved

To end, “Chaos” is a fantastic work of music. It talks about politics and the state of politics in a light-hearted manner all the while still driving home the most important messages. Dranow has exceeded all expectations and has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The song is just amazing and will blow your mind.

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