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Morisse Monty - Lightweight Song

Belgians Singer Morisse Monty Went Emotional on ‘Lightweight’ Song

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Morisse Monty – Lightweight Song

Lightweight is the third single from my debut album, following U Keep Turnin’ (remixed by Boogie Belgique) and Arcade Eyes with Frankie Fame (airplay on Belgian radio1). The song Lightweight is about my first child’s impending arrival and the tremendous sense of perspective it provides to life. It’s a positive song with a positive outlook on the future! Morisse Monty has had many releases featured on Spotify’s borderless, indie-goesting, indiedada, and new music friday.

Morisse Monty is a band from Antwerp (Belgium) revolving around producer Jussi De Nys. Playing and recording most things himself at his home-studio, Jussi calls in the help of song specific musicians.
Last but not least Morisse Monty is completed by the sweet silvery voice of Anouk K.

Today we had a chance to interview Morisse Monty about his journey into the music industry and his freshly released single, “Lightweight”.

  • How did you first get into music?

I got a band together when i was about 14years old after i had been playing guitar for a little while. It was just a few mates and me having a great time. That was a magical time.

  • What instruments can you play?

Started out playing guitar and went on to study it in high school. After that I went to the conservatory of Ghent to study music production. In the studio you tend to pick up a little bit of everything. On this song i played all the instruments myself.

  • Where do you see your musical career in 10 years?

I don’t have the ambition to be a big pop star or a anything. I hope to grow some following and some reach. I would just love to share my music with as many people as possible. 10 years is a long time ☺️ I just love making songs, recording, producing, mixing.. it’s the best.

  • Which instrument is your favourite to play?

I’m most comfortable on guitar of course, but lately I enjoy it more to noodle around on drums and piano

  • Which instrument is your least favourite to play?

I don’t have a least favorite. But i guess i have the hardest time with vocals when i’m recording.

  • What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?

I try to make my songs and productions rich with textures and a bit left of centre, sound wise. I think I’m good at creating a world of sound for each song.

  • What would you say is your greatest weakness as an artist?

Me being insecure and having a hard time putting myself or my music out there.

  • Who is your favourite musician?

Unknown mortal orchestra’s Ruban Nielson, Nick Hakim, and many others.

  • What is your proudest accomplishment as a musician?

One of my songs “where are you now” is a song that I wrote during what turned out to be the hardest period in my life ( so far ). I got a lot of reactions of people who were touched by it and felt the emotion I poured into it.
If I listen to that song it doesn’t make me sad anymore. I’m proud I got to put that hardship into my music and use it to good.

  • What interests or hobbies do you have outside of music?

If the sun is out, i like to go for a run or jump on my longboard for a nice breezy ride☺️ I love good series like better call saul and i like to read manga.

  • What is your creative process when making music?

Being a producer and having a small home studio I take my time to search for a sound or little element that sparks my imagination. Once I get the feel for something it moves quickly from there. Often times I start out with a drum groove and see where it get’s me. Most of the times the lyrics come last for me.. that’s the hardest part for me. My best friends are drummers, so sometimes i call whoever fits the vibe best. I produce, record and mix while writing the song. Sometimes it feels like the song writes itself.

  • Take me through how the song idea came about, the writing and production process.

Lightweight” is fuelled by the happy news and excitement that I’m a soon to be a father! With that message “Lightweight” follows the getting ready phase, floating by the endless love and joy that’s about to arrive.
I recorded some drum grooves and started reamping my three mic drum recording through fuzz pedals, a moog synth, .. just experimenting. Suddenly i found something that sparked my imagination and i played the verse bassline with that weird slappy delay on it. A lot of the sounds have this underwate vibe to them. And i had just heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time at the gynaecologist. The bass is a bit symbolic for our daughter to be, dancing around in my girlfriends belly ❤️

  • Who would you most like to collaborate with artistically?

Unknown mortal orchestra, nick hakim, mk.gee, toto y moi,..

  • How do you deal with disinterested or unruly audiences?

Well, sometimes it’s just like that. If some people like it and get something out of it I’m happy. I played in some bands and had some cool and some less cool gigs. Although I’m not performing as morisse monty yet. Maybe in the future.

  • Do you prefer to work alone or collaboratively?

I often work for others as a producer/mixer. So when i work on my own music it’s a really personal process. I really enjoyed my collab with Frankie Fame on my previous single! I’m also really exited about one of my next singles that’s also a collab with a really cool artist!
I would have a hard time if i had to give the production/mixing aspect away though.

  • What inspires you as an artist?

I listen to all sorts of music and try not to focus to much on one genre or stream of sound. I used to try real hard to sound like this or that band.. now I try to keep an open mind when creating. Of course some stuff end up in the drawer to stay there. I prefer that method over getting frustrated chasing something very specific.

  • How do you nurture your own creativity?

By giving it time to Breath. If an idea comes to a blockage, i let it sit. Sometimes a whole song happens so fast. Other times it needs a lot lf time to sit.

  • Do you have trouble with performance anxiety?

Having played in other bands , not so much. For my own music, very much so!

  • How do you think of your previous song comparing to this newly released?

I’m releasing an album song by song. So it really fits in the same universe for me. Lightweight is the third single to the album. The first one “U Keep Turnin” is more soulful and old school. It got remixed by Boogie Belgique. I’m proud of that one. Then there’s “Arcade Eyes – Featuring Frankie Fame” which is a more mellow groovy song.
This one is a bit more gnarly with the drul sounds and a
Bit more experimental overall.

Thanks so much for your great questions!

I’m releasing my next single on the sixth of may, very exiting!

Don’t forget to follow Morisse Monty on Youtube: MorisseMonty on Instagram: morisse_monty

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