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Greetings to all and welcome to our blog! Today’s blog features Ben Tucker, a native of Cambridge. Ben Tucker releases his 5-track EP “Ben Tucker” on January 24th, marking his solo debut. Fans of country music searching for something fresh are sure to love the project. Let’s go ahead and begin.

“At Your Side,” the first song on the EP, is a potent method to reintroduce the artist to the public outside of his band, Albino. His strong voice screams for love he will stop at nothing to win. Beneath those lies a lush Americana landscape, accentuated by electric guitar riffs that evoke memories of long nights spent traveling. This highly visual track gives you an idea of the EP.

The song “Don’t go making me wait forever” comes next. The character in the foot-tapping song assures his love interest that he won’t keep waiting (“Don’t go making me wait forever just because I’ll always love you”). Although he warns her he won’t be around long, his love interest is still reluctant. Tucker wrote a beautiful song and an interesting backstory to go with it.

The song that follows is called “Gambling Man.” The song starts slowly but gains speed later on. The theme of the song is falling and getting back up. “Getting up this morning made you a betting man,” he says, comparing the act of getting out of bed each morning to gambling. Though very entertaining, this song is meaningful.


The following song is called “Beavercreek,” and it features some really lovely string instruments. The character in the song regrets his current situation and longs for a better, more illustrious existence. The voice delivery perfectly complements the melancholic lyrics, which also produce a lovely soundscape.

“Ever Since She Turned My Head” is the last song on the EP. This is another upbeat song about how the persona’s partner has improved his life since he met her. The song was played flawlessly, and there was a magnificent guitar solo in it.

The album “Ben Tucker” features several amazing songs that Ben wrote with all of his heart, making sure that his listeners would receive nothing less than the best. Nobody can now stop Ben from reaching stardom!

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