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Beyoncé Just Revealed the Name of Her New Perfume

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The one item we’re more eager to get than Renaissance artwork is a bottle of Beyoncé’s soon-to-be-released perfume, which has a name now. The famous singer posted a looping video of her new fragrance, Cé Noir,’s mirrored container on her Instagram page.

New photos that have been added to Beyoncé’s website depict Renaissance World Tour participants in locations including Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Inglewood, California, as well as San Francisco, experiencing the perfume for the first time. Beyoncé’s go-to fragrance when performing has been Cé Noir; in fact, a picture of her wearing a perfume prototype exists.

It’s finally here after years of work, Beyoncé says in a recent fragrance unboxing video. She sprays on the fragrance and explains, “I wanted something that was monolithic and that had a little bit of intimacy.” “I actually sprayed this during the show a few times—gotta keep it fresh.”

The Cé Noir bottle has a half-domed cap on top, with a streamlined etching of its name on one side and stair-like neck edges. The fragrance is virtually guaranteed to stand out on your vanity because it was created in France, is made and designed by Beyoncé, and is “encased in art.” In addition, it has an integrated stand for the highest level of perfume elevation.

Beyoncé just revealed the name and official product; she had hinted at the release of her new eau de perfume last summer. This announcement follows the news of her future hair care brand. Residents of the United States and Canada can only purchase Cé Noir on Beyonce.com; shipment is scheduled for November to arrive in time for the holidays.

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