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Bill Gates' 19-Year-Old Daughter Phoebe

Bill Gates’ 19-Year-Old Daughter Phoebe Poses In A Bikini

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Bill Gates’ 19-Year-Old Daughter Phoebe Poses In A Bikini While Blasting Roe V. Wade Controversy

While there have been (and will undoubtedly be) plenty of bikini photographs filling up your Instagram feed this Hot Girl Summer, one from 19-year-old Phoebe Gates is making news for reasons other than her scantiness.

Bill and Melinda Gates’ youngest daughter took to social media earlier this week to share a photo of herself in a white bathing suit, which she also used to call attention to the possibility of Roe vs. Wade being overturned, which is a major source of concern for many Americans who value access to reproductive rights.

“I’m not shy about my body and/or telling you to keep your bans off of it,” the Stanford University student wrote in her caption. “Every person deserves access to sexual and reproductive health care.”

She went on to say, “The Supreme Court is currently considering repealing the constitutional right to abortion. Join me and the fashion community in sending a strong message to the world “Using the hashtag #BansOffOurBodies and tagging Planned Parenthood.

Viewers will see “My body, my choice” emblazoned in pink and white at the bottom of the feed upload, reinforcing the pro-choice message.

Gates continued to post similar stuff on her narrative, as well as some interesting statistics in the hopes of inspiring change. She scribbled in pink, “What’s up — I’m here to announce that body autonomy is a human right.”

“Did you know that 50% of all women globally are denied bodily autonomy?” the university student asked.

According to the Daily Mail, when the United States Supreme Court publishes its judgments for the term at the end of the month, a full repeal of Roe v. Wade (the 1973 historic decision that made abortion lawful at the federal level) is expected.

If the ruling is overturned, the issue of abortion will be returned to the states, with 26 of them likely to try to outlaw it if the decision is overturned, depriving millions of people of their reproductive rights.

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