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Greetings, cherished readers and music enthusiasts, and welcome to our blog, BLÜ ÃNGELO .He is a 19-year-old Belgian artist. This EP “Futuriste come Sorayama,” marks the beginning of his profession and provides an overview of his musical abilities. The EP’s five tracks include unique flow, innovative beats, melodic rap, and appealing hooks. In order to draw the listener into his world, he incorporates several tales into his songs in the style of fictional novels. Let’s get started.

X Franklin Saint.” This is a lovely, original French song with an amazing tempo. Even if you don’t understand the rap, you’ll still adore this song by the end. It’s amazing and catchy. This song has such a great opening to the EP!

The song “Target” is the next one. The musician begins this song with a really emotional and lovely rap, but soon the beat picks up the song changes altogether which is a lovely surprise. This tune is going to take you beyond this stratosphere.

“Freestyle Santiago (Nouveau Riche) is a song that starts with a nice and rhythmic beat that is about the persona packing talent like a missile. The song is in French but the verses are very cohesive to keep your interest throughout the song

The next song is called “J’ai Des Failles (futuriste),” and it starts out with some synth-pop sound effects. The character in the song is acknowledging his shortcomings. This tune has you tapping your feet and will captivate you with its lush soundscape.

“Elles Sont manifiques” is the next song. In this song, the persona describes a woman he’s infatuated with as beautiful. He describes her in such a flattering and elegant way. His heartfelt description is very emotive and interesting. With this song, Angelo has woven a beautiful story for listeners to follow. The EP comes to an amazing close with this one

BLU ANGELO is breaking language barriers, communicating, and connecting with this EP. He has made his debut in a grand way and at such a young age. He’s a star that is going to shine the brightest in the music scene!

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