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Cardi B Seizing Tasha K’s YouTube Checks While Awaiting $4M Defamation Judgement

Cardi B Seizing Tasha K’s YouTube Checks While Awaiting $4M Defamation Judgement: Report

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Just last week the rap diva took steps to attempt to seize her nemesis’ property.

The dramatic saga between Cardi B and Tasha K continues. The YouTuber found herself in a tremendously expensive pot of boiling water a few months ago. At the time, a judge ruled that the YouTuber was guilty of defaming the rap diva in her online videos. The former previously alleged that Cardi worked as an escort before finding fame. She also shared stories of using hard drugs and claims that she had contracted an STI. In court, the mother of three denied working in the sex trade or contracting any sort of illness. She also noted the extreme emotional distress caused by Tasha’s allegations, specifically sharing that it resulted in marital problems between her and Offset.

“Only an evil person could do that shit,” the New Yorker said on the stand. She also was candid in revealing that she sought professional help to deal with her mental health after being defamed. Ultimately, Cardi was awarded $1M in general damages, $250K for medical expenses, $1.5M in punitive damages, and finally, $1.3M for her attorney fees. It’s certainly a major win for the Invasion of Privacy hitmaker. Still, it might be some time before she gets her dues in full. According to a report from RadarOnline, Bardi has taken steps to begin seizing Tasha K’s YouTube checks.

Cardi B Demands Her Coins

The former stripper apparently sent subpoenas to both her nemesis’ bank and Google, who oversee Tasha’s ad revenue on YouTube and her website. “YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to immediately hold all money, including wages, and other property, except what is known to be exempt, belonging to the Defendant or obligations owed to the Defendant named above beginning on the day of service of this summons and including the next 1,095 days,” a notice obtained by the outlet reads.

A rep for Google reportedly spoke with the “WAP” rapper about the matter. They revealed that the embattled creator had $9,304.81 in revenue. The former is now taking action with the court so that the funds can be handed to her immediately as she awaits the other $3M+. Do you think Cardi B is out of pocket for seizing Tasha K’s YouTube checks? Let us know in the comments, and tap back in later for more pop culture news updates.

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