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Hello, dearest music lovers and readers let’s shine a light on Cas Du Pree. This EP titled “Neon Nights” which was released on 20th February by renowned Dutch musician Cas du Pree is interesting and varied at the same time

This spectacular 5 song EP is once more a partnership with Arron Storey, a gifted producer and close friend who previously produced his debut album, “Getting To Know Me.” Hugh Webber from ZephyrHillMusic and Italian songwriter Esli Daniel Martinez collaborated on the lyrics. This EP is an unforgettable and epic sonic adventure awaiting anyone who listens, let me tell you more about it

The gorgeous and magnificent “Takeaway Love” opens the record. Takeaway Love is a song that is meant to be funny. A song about using one-night stands as a takeaway because you’re using sex to try to fill the emptiness left by missing love.

The song has a memorable moment with the electric guitar tone and exquisite mouth percussion. This song’s lively yet serene tone is the ideal method to introduce the listener to the remainder of the listening encounter

Let’s Go” is the next song, and it starts with this surreal soundtrack. The message of the song is to seize each moment of life and hold onto it regardless of the situation. The nature of the words makes the song energizing and inspirational. You’ll be blown away by the stunning vocal performance in addition to being inspired to start something new! The rare occasion when a song offers such inspiration

“Dream within a Frame” (With You)Starts with lovely electric guitar sounds before Du Pree begins his performance. best of both worlds, then. Dream Within A Frame (With You) is a song that transports the listener to a bygone era of global travel. This song stands out from the rest of the collection due to its unique rhythm shifts and rock influences.

Next on the album is “London”. The song is a love letter to the city since it is his favorite place in the world. He felt completely at home the moment he arrived (and for many years before that as well). Composing a song about it seemed only appropriate as he felt most comfortable whenever he was there. The vocal performance and musical instruments convey Du Pree’s passion and love for this city and will make you love and desire to visit the city one day too

Last but not least is the techno synth-pop song “Let’s Go” (Techno Remix). The remix version of this song gives the song a different perspective and makes it that much more entertaining for the listener thus creating an inescapable earworm, what a fun way to close out this EP!

Overall, Cas Du Pree’s EP “Neon Nights” offers a little bit of everything you might desire in an EP, not only are the songs fun, but they also include meaningful sentiments and are supported by exquisite musical aspects. This EP demonstrates Du Pree’s artistic development since his debut album and the extent to which his talent will carry him in the music business.

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