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Hello music enthusiasts and lovely readers let’s welcome Namibian-based artist PROKLAIM. PROKLAIM has released “Bad Ting” on 1st March. This super edgy rap song is an exciting sonic trip that you won’t forget anytime soon. Let’s get into the details of the song

The song opens with a relaxed vibe that envelops you right away, followed by Proklaim’s amazing and captivating rap that will take you straight to another world!

Bad Ting” is essentially a song that celebrates life, purpose, music, and the inspiration behind it. (“We celebrate what’s progress in life”)With its tongue-twisted words and clean rap verses, the song inspires listeners to appreciate life and elevate themselves. A really desirable accomplishment, Proklaim’s impassioned rap delivery will keep your interest and establish a connection with you throughout the song!

Audio Art Namibia handled the mixing and mastering of the song Bad Ting after it was recorded at Pen Pushaz Studio. Can you believe PROKLAIM created his own lyrics? His style of rapping has undoubtedly made his influences—Biggie, Nas, Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, and the Wutang Clan—happy, and he deserves a lot of credit for making them proud with this song and producing something very lovely.

PROKLAIM has created something quite beautiful with “Bad Ting”. Was I blown away by the bars on this track?? YES, I WAS!!. It was undoubtedly a fantastic ride due to its awesome lyrics, and fantastic music structure. PROKLAIM has proven that he belongs here in this music community and will go far due to his immense talent!

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