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Chris Pratt is enlisted by Rob McElhenney to help with Ryan Reynolds’ Parks and Recreation-themed birthday present.

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Not every practical joke helps the neighbourhood this much. Wrexham AFC co-owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have been trading prank gifts with one other for the past year, generally on the other’s birthdays. However, McElhenney celebrated Reynolds’ 47th birthday this year with an entire park and enlisted Chris Pratt, a former Parks and Recreation actor, to help sell it. This proves that the Deadpool star is a Libra cusp.

In the centre of Wrexham, Wales, there will be a genuine park renamed the Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Park. The Wrexham County Borough Council and McElhenney have reportedly been collaborating to improve the park, which will have “open green spaces, pop-up restaurants, and movie screenings.” Additionally, there will be actual green lanterns placed throughout the park as a nod to one of Reynolds’ most criticised films.

This park project obviously took a lot of labour, and it deserves to be more than simply a birthday joke. As a result, the Reynolds name probably won’t last for very long. Additionally, the website reads, “We’re renaming it. Something Welsh, not Canadian, most likely. When McElhenney celebrated Reynolds’ last birthday by imprinting a blimp with a wonderfully grotesque rendition of his co-owner’s face, the prank war started around this time last year. In April, Reynolds exacted revenge by giving McElhenney a personalised urinal and a song written just for his birthday.

In the ongoing Welcome to Wrexham television series, currently in its second season on FX, McElhenney and Reynolds have been describing their experience as joint owners of the Welsh football team.

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