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Chrisean Rock Confirms Blueface’s Paternity With DNA Test

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Chrisean Rock Confirms Blueface’s Paternity With DNA Test, Considers Home Birth

Chrisean spilt all the tea during an Instagram Live session ahead of the weekend.

Those who thought Chrisean Rock was faking her pregnancy likely feel pretty foolish by now. As she carries herself through the final months before her baby arrives, the 23-year-old hasn’t been having an easy time. This is largely thanks to drama with her baby daddy, Blueface, and rude comments from internet trolls. We’ve seen considerable growth from Rock so far this year, but many of her fans were disappointed that the reality starlet went clubbing with Blueface following his robbery arrest earlier this month.

By now, true supporters of the Baltimore native have accepted that she and the “Thotiana” rapper are stuck like glue. While Chrisean previously shared her plans to deliver her child alone with the support of God, a recent Instagram Live session found her reflecting on the idea of giving birth at home, as we’ve seen other stars like Summer Walker do in the past. “I watched how hospitals do it with babies, and they rough! You not about to f**k up my kid’s neck like that,” the soon-to-be mother of one told followers. “I saw how they do it at home and it looks very gentle, like more your speed.”

Chrisean Rock Gives an Update on Her Baby

Elsewhere in the stream, Rock confirmed that she got results back from the DNA test she conducted to confirm the paternity of her little one. The embattled entertainer has never doubted that it was Blueface, but the California-born rapper has regularly denied that the child is his on social media. “I got the DNA test, it’s his child,” she shared. “It’s funny because when we did the lie detector test, he wanted to record shit so bad.”

Apparently the big news made the 26-year-old promise his future co-parent that he’ll be nicer to her now, but she’s “over it.” Are you surprised that a paternity test has allegedly named Blueface as the father of Chrisean Rock’s firstborn? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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