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Greetings everyone!! Welcome to our blog, today we welcome to our digital space the fantastic Colin Stauber. Southern California-born musician Colin Stauber is well-known for his work with Skrillex, and Red Bull, and for being included in the top 100 music artists. Several prominent websites, such as Red Bull, MTV, LA Weekly, and Music Times, have featured him. Stauber, who is well-known for supporting constructive change, still uses music to improve his community. As a platform for musicians to experiment and create original musical experiences, Coke Studio is Coca-Cola’s creative foray into the music recording industry. At the vanguard of redefining the craft of music production is Coke Studio LA Live, situated in Downtown Los Angeles and this is where Colin’s latest album was made. “Colin Stauber Live At Coke Studio” was released on 1st March and is a collection of 9 amazing songs that will take you on a wonderful musical journey. Let me tell you more about this immensely groundbreaking record.

The album is opened with the beautiful “Fall”. The song begins with some light, fluffy guitar work. Stauber then begins his breathtaking performance by singing about reassuring his partner that he won’t let her fall or let her go. (”won’t let you fall, won’t let you go”) . The performance is very moving and relatable because we all need that type of reassurance from someone we love to feel safe with them. The guitar work on this particular song is delicate and tender and so is Colin’s vocal performance. The song is a beautiful opening for the record and leaves you feeling excited as to what comes next.

The next song on the record is “Deep Breaths” another slow song that is full of beautiful harmonies and sounds. The song encourages you to take in your surroundings and take deep breaths ( deep breaths, feel the air “). It’s a way to tell us to enjoy the little things in life. The song is beautiful and Colin’s performance is astounding and will transport you to another plane of existence!

“Nature” is next on the roster. The song talks about things that we find in nature(”I feel the sun, I feel the air in my lungs”). The descriptive nature of the lyrics pulls you into the performance and Colin’s headspace when he is performing the song. What an interesting quality for a song to have!

“Motions” talks about going through life (”moving through the motions, going through the motions “) and change(”and everything is changing, changing for the better”). The song is slow and breathy with a very steady tempo that will fully indulge the listener!

“Coast” is another cool song with a laid-back musical element. The song talks about remembering a past lover or friend ( “Cruising down the coast now, I can feel your ghost now”). He uses ghosts to represent the fact the person is no longer present in his life and that’s kind of sad. The performance is very emotive and creates a unique soundscape for listeners!

Next is “I’ll be there “. The theme is quite simple, the persona in the song is stating boldly that he will be there to support his friend or lover(”I’ll be there, I’ll be there for you “). What a declaration of loyalty and love! Perfectly captured through a calming and gentle musical arrangement and flawless vocal delivery!

With “Horizon” the album still stays true to its tone. In the song, the persona describes his lover(” She’s a beautiful sunset on a beautiful horizon”) and asks her to take his hand and become one with him. The song is simple the lyrics are endearing and the message is even more beautiful because who doesn’t want to be described as a beautiful sunset???. Colin’s performance is warm and inviting and the song gives you an out worldly experience!

“Spirit” is yet another slow song that talks about self-discovery (” You just found the spirit inside, you have always had”). The song encourages us to look within ourselves to find the strength we need because that fighting spirit has always been within us. The song is inspiring and though it’s not a song you can necessarily dance to it is entertaining in its way because of the important message it carries. Thank you Colin for your words of encouragement!!!

This beautiful record ends with “High”. The song is another inspiring and introspective song that describes the persona saying that he will hold his head up high for his loved one(” I will hold my head up high for you, I will hold my head high”). The persona says he has tried hard to keep going and will not stop. The song highlights the themes of perseverance and the inner struggles of man to be better people. What a beautiful and amazing way to end such a glorious and motivating record!

Colin Stauber and Coke Studio have partnered to provide an exciting blend of creative brilliance and creativity, demonstrating the transforming power of music, and boy did they not disappoint!! This partnership is a pivotal point in Stauber’s career and Coke Studio’s creative path and the record is the baby of these two giants of awesome creativity!! It contains beautiful songs with incredible messages and you would not be able to skip over any of these songs. Colin’s talent has only been fanned by Coke studios and my is he burning bright!!

Stream the “Live at Coke Studio” album by Colin Stauber on Spotify.

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