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Collaboration Between Christina Aguilera and Latto on Food Music Video Ad That Blends Rap and Opera

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In the Just Eat commercial, the couple can be seen dining, dancing and singing inside an opulent-looking mansion while wearing baroque-era clothes.

A song video starring Christina Aguilera and Latto was released on Wednesday by the international meal delivery service Just Eat, which has its headquarters in Amsterdam. The operatic and rap-infused song “Did Somebody Say” showcases the vocal range of both performers as they sing about burgers, fries, and household essentials. In a regal-looking mansion, the pair are shown in the commercial dressed in baroque-era attire.

Have you heard, “Just Eat”? Oh, you assumed it only consisted of hamburgers and fries? They had more flavours than you had ever heard or tasted, Latto raps over Aguilera’s resounding refrains. “The app works in this way. Not just quick food is available. changing genres, such as from opera to rap,” Latto continues. And it’s no longer just restaurants. At the grocery shop, we can get carried away.”

Together with my girlfriend Latto, I had a blast fusing several musical genres for Just Eat Takeaway.com. We had the nicest time bringing this project to life with never-ending love and joy, Aguilera said in a press statement. Latto was equally excited to perform with the “Genie in a Bottle” vocalist. She remarked of the collaboration, “It was a no-brainer for me especially with the renowned Christina Aguilera participating. I liked working on this collaboration and watching it come to life.

Two stars have been featured on Just Eat before. In 2022 and 2020, respectively, Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg both appeared in their own Did Somebody Say music videos.

Aguilera and Latto teased their song earlier this week on X, formerly known as Twitter. Latto, 24, commented on the platform, “Should we tell them? The singer then responded, “I think it’s time babe,” to the rapper.💋🥰.”

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