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Welcome to our blog most cherished readers and music enthusiasts, Let us highlight the work and talents of the Leeds-based band BLUE ORCHID REACTION (BOR). Continuing from their charming, nearly ballad-like tune Atmosphere, they have chosen to show off their appreciation for rock, punk, and groove. The song titled “Under These Skies”, was released on 4th March and is a response to everything COVID-19, but it’s also a response to the optimism that was brought about by regular people banding together to help one another in our time of need. Now let me tell you more about this fantastic tune.

Before the vocal performance even begins, you are surrounded by extremely exciting noises that will excite and titillate your senses. Get ready for an exciting musical trip that lies ahead.

Fundamentally, the song is about people coming together in times of great need (“I see the hope there in your eyes, were not alone under these skies”). The song effectively conveys how we turn to one another for support when circumstances call for it, as they did during the pandemic. It also encourages us to seek help when things get tough because we are not alone neither are islands The song’s message is aptly shown by the epidemic, which despite being a difficult and awful period, brought people together. How beautifully and tenderly they conveyed their message!

Shout out to Alex for that earth-shattering drum solo!! The song was a perfectly crafted rock n roll song and it’s no surprise that it was inspired by Led Zep, The Who, and Elastisa! The timing of the musical instruments, the electric guitar solo that paired nicely with the drum solo and have made this song the perfect symphony!

Wow, what a joy ride! What an amazing presence and force that this song holds! It is not only electric, it has an important message embedded in it. The band has so much to offer and their future will be full of endless surprises that will shock the music industry!! Look out world here comes BLUE ORCHID REACTION!!!

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