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Dax Searching For A Reason

Dax Released “Searching For A Reason” Song With Visual

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The song from Dax called ‘Searching For A Reason’ is a song to listen to. it has very catchy visuals, beat and words. The artist shows to enjoy singing and recording as it is shown in the enthusiasm he placed in the song. he has a very unique sense of style, appearance and delivery which is a fresh air in the music industry. The song is already very promising as it has more than 702k in a bit over a week and the audience seems to be very impressed by it. it is a very nice addiction to the hip hop genre.

Dax said the song is one of his favorite and it resonates with him, and wait he isn’t the only one, a lot of us can relate to the song. There is no deny people hate on Dax, there is a saying that “they hate you because they can reach you.” Dax style is very unique and his lyrics never disappoint. Dax you’ve got a bright future in the music showbiz. Continue with the good work.

Wait unless I forgot the song which is accompanied by great visuals was inspired by one of his favorite films of all time called ‘Alice In Wonderland.

Listen to Dax Searching For A Reason song below.

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