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Greetings, devoted readers and music lovers. Today we have Del’Noire, a Finnish artist. Del’Noire published a three-song EP titled “The Haunting of Del’Noire” on April 8th. It will make you want more! He develops his signature, distinctive soundscape, poised to take over new lands, by fusing current drum beats with classical elements like violins, tambourines, pianos, and castanets. Not to be forgotten, powerful melodies are his trademark. Let’s examine the EP’s specifics.

The intriguing piano notes that open “A Letter to Mina” will pique your attention in the rest of the tune. The song starts with a lot of these mouthwatering piano notes, which continue throughout. You will want to cry because it is so beautiful. Whoa! this a powerful tune that lingers with you long after it ends.

The second song, “The Raven Stone,” begins slowly with a melancholic piano tune before accelerating. You’ll want to dance to the foot-thumping tune. It is quite enticing and will take you on an amazing adventure.

The next song is “A strange, bitter kiss,” which starts with angelic instruments and gradually incorporates a wonderful drum thrum. However, you are astonished by this remarkable sound at every turn as the song has these light and airy piano notes. This EP reaches a wonderful conclusion with this gorgeous tune.

Whoa, this EP truly knocks it out of the park! I’ve heard a lot of instrumental EPs and collections of music. With each song on this EP being so amazing on its own, there was never a dull time! What more could a person ask for? Del’Noire is incredibly gifted, and he did an amazing job on this one.

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