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Asake – Work Of Art

  • Release date: 15 June 2023
  • Label: YBNL Nation / EMPIRE

YBNL poster-boy Asake releases his third studio album ‘Work Of Art.’

Following his breakout collaboration with Olamide on “Omo Ope,” Asake momentum propelled him to release his mesmerizing debut album, “Mr. Money With the Vibe.” This album not only solidified the new framework of Afropop, characterized by dynamic vocals, futuristic percussion, and captivating blends of amapiano and Fuji, but also spawned a string of chart-topping hits such as “Sungba,” “Terminator,” “Peace Be Unto You,” and “Organise.”

Driven to maintain his momentum and advance the narrative of his remarkable ascent, Asake swiftly delivers his sophomore album, “Work of Art,” less than a year after his debut. The album showcases an artist operating at an unparalleled level. While the production, primarily led by Magicsticks, maintains a familiar template, the ambition is on an astronomical scale as Asake strives to present his music as a form of high art.

The album seamlessly transitions between effervescent live arrangements, lively beats reminiscent of hip-hop, and classic African samples. The atmosphere on “Work of Art” is one of celebration and vibrancy, with Asake’s captivating blend of Yoruba panegyrics and urban slang infusing color into tracks like “Sunshine” and “Basquiat.” As a nod to his earlier EP, “Ololade Asake,” Asake’s label boss, Olamide, makes a standout guest appearance on “Amapiano.” Nonetheless, for the most part, Asake carries the album alone, drawing inspiration from his personal journey and pouring his heart into songs that convey bleary-eyed optimism in tracks like “Lonely at the Top” and instill hope in “I Believe.”

Work Of Art Album Tracklist By Asake.

Across the 14 tracks, Asake invites listeners into his new reality, painting his story in vivid Technicolor.

  • Asake – Olorum
  • Asake – Awodi
  • Asake – 2:30
  • Asake – Sunshine
  • Asake – Mogbe
  • Asake – Basquiat
  • Asake – Amapiano (feat. Olamide)
  • Asake – What’s Up My G
  • Asake – I Believe
  • Asake – Introduction
  • Asake – Remember
  • Asake – Lonely At The Top
  • Asake – Great Guy
  • Asake – Yoga

Listen to the beautiful piece of art below.

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