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Doni-B, Tested

Doni-B Recorded “Tested” Song When his Car Won’t Start

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Doni-B wrote Tested when he was going through life stress at the time and was feeling overwhelmed. Prior to, he was going through writers block as well and haven’t picked a pen up in a few months. Doni-B got a message from a friend (the prophet) about this beat that he made and just sent. He listen it once and knew he was going to use it but didn’t write anything down. Later on, adding insult to injury in an already not-so-good day, Doni-B car wouldn’t start while late for a meeting. he got mad.. then started to laugh…then went inside and made the song “Tested.”

Doni-B said “The song is brief is a spill of thoughts of struggling with knowing what you deserve and what you’ve worked hard for, but still not seeing the fruits of your labour. And even once you do taste it, its not as sweet. Makes you question if you’re doing something wrong.”

Doni-B made it known that he was influenced by Jay Z, Drake, Dr. Dre. Diddy, to Kevin Hart, Ian Dunlap, and Lebron James.

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