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Greetings, kind readers and music enthusiasts worldwide. Today, we are again highlighting DR DAWSOUND. DR DAWSOUND is a French producer and songwriter who was born in Marseille. He records, arranges, and plays all by himself in his home studio. His distinctive feature is that he writes every song by hand, without the use of loops or samples, much like a classical artist. He is a “classic” beatmaker, topliner, and lyricist. The result is a Pop Dance to some songs with a retro vibe. DR DAWSOUND, who gave us hits like “Deadline” and “Blue,” is back with another monster song called “Electric Heartbeat “.It was published on 16th February and is an incredible performance. Because he is not a performer he collaborates with other global artists to provide vocal performances for his songs. Every song is DJ’d by Daniela Rivera (USA) from Atlanta. Daniela Rivera, a mixing engineer, has received nominations for Golden Melody and EMMY Awards twice. Her resume as a mixing assistant includes work with several artists, such as Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, and Rihanna. She has participated in the GRAMMY Awards twice for audio engineering. Allow me to inform you about the song in this lovely review now.

You are thrust into a sonic and rhythmic space journey in the first few seconds of the song. You are hit with a powerful, pulsating tornado that is both happy, carefree, and alluring. A realm of synth-pop melodies where you may happily dance and lose yourself with your significant other or anyone else you wish to have fun with as you are shown the interconnection of true love that exceeds our human or earthly plane.

“Electric Heartbeat “is a groovy song that talks about how the persona is deeply in love and how her partner makes her feel. “Your simple touch sends shock waves through me “ is a line in the song that demonstrates the state of mind of the persona. She further details how their connection is real, deep, and unlike any other in this world or on any other planet. She uses astrology as a sign that she and her partner are meant to be. It is a complex description of how it feels to be in love while making use of playful and entertaining beats

Daniela Rivera deserves a lot of credit for her mixing of this fantastic tune, which combines synth and pop sounds. The method is lovely and original, and it produces a fantastic tune that everyone will love. Rivera pours her heart, soul, and sweat into this song, and it comes through pleasantly.

All things considered, “Electric Heartbeat” by DR DAWSOUND is a lovely song that will have you up and dancing while teaching you about the complicated but delightful emotions that come with love. The vocal delivery is lively and faultless, while the words are provocative and captivating. It showcases DR DAWSOUND’s skills and his aspirations for the music business going forward.

Stream “Electric Heartbreak” on Spotify or SoundCloud alongside the music video.

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