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Dream of a Man in a Top Hat All Time Is Borrowed Time

Dream of a Man in a Top Hat Releases “All Time Is Borrowed Time”

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The band’s most recent song, “All Time Is Borrowed Time,” is a timeless classic with a self-explanatory title. You want to create a stank face and bob your head as a result of the funk and gritty combination. The drums keep the mood peaceful while the keys amp it up and make it more trippy. The music is unusual, bizarre, and delightful all at once. Dream of a Man in a Top Hat’s name alone should have given you a hint that this band will blow you away and offer something unique. You will not stop thinking about “All Time Is Borrowed,” and you will remember it long after it has ended.

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Lee Leffler (guitars, keyboards, vocals, lyrics) and Michael Frackleton make up the duo Dream of a Man in a Top Hat (drums, bass, percussion, keyboards, vocals, lyrics). Native Tongue, a post-punk band from the 1980s, used to jam with the duo. Leffler and Frackleton create creative music thanks to their wealth of experience and performance flair. Dream of a Man in a Top Hat was initially created by the two as an instrumental project before they added their own vocals. Their music frequently defies genre categorization and takes an eclectic tack.

Listen to Dream of a Man in a Top Hat All Time Is Borrowed Time song below.

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