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During the season 7 premiere of Rick and Morty, new lead voice actors were unveiled.

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Rick and Morty’s new season has premiered, putting a stop to fans’ rumours over who would be providing the voiceovers for the show’s lead characters. Until recently, the same performer provided the voices for both mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty. But now that he’s been replaced, both characters sound different. Fans had questions about whose voices they were hearing after last month’s publication of the series trailer. They are now aware that Rick is played by Ian Cardoni, and Morty by Harry Belden.

Cardoni has previously appeared in Joe Pera Talks With You and the medical drama Chicago Med, while Belden has voiced commercials for Apple TV and the world’s largest wrestling company, WWE. The X-Men Wolverine star Hugh Jackman made a special appearance on Sunday night’s season premiere of Rick and Morty to assist in getting rid of the undesirable home visitor Poopy. Justin Roiland, a co-creator, formerly provided the voices for Rick and Morty. He was fired after being charged with domestic abuse, which was eventually dropped.

The programme’s makers stated that they aimed to minimise any disruption to fans’ enjoyment of the show by making the cast transition smooth. The Hollywood Reporter quoted Scott Marder as saying, “The goal was always to try to preserve the viewing experience and give them [viewers] the same show they’ve had every other season.” Scott Marder oversaw the search for the new voices. Social media user reactions to the new voices have been inconsistent. “Rick and Morty’s new voices come off as rather convincing. A fan tweeted, “Looking forward to the rest of Season 7.” One person called their new voices “weird,” another said.

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