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Greetings, our most cherished readers and music lovers worldwide! Let’s give a warm welcome to Electric High. The members of Electric High, based in Bergen, Norway, are Tor Helge Opdahl on drums, Marius Mørch on guitar, PV Staff on vocals, Olav Iversen on vocals, and Einride Torvik on bass.

The group plays a unique blend of classic hard rock and alternative rock that sounds like it might happen if Rival Sons and Royal Blood unexpectedly showed up on an Aerosmith concert stage. They bring a whole new level of electric excitement to the table, with two lead singers leading the charge. The band members are from various bands, including Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies, Faith Circus, and Sahg. There’s no stopping this electrifying rock ‘n’ roll train now that it’s moving forward at full speed. Electric High has a tone of brand-new rock hits scheduled for 2023 and beyond. The band’s latest song is called “Hear Me Out “ and was released on 1st March. Let’s get into the details of this amazing track.

The electric guitar sounds are amazing as soon as the needle drops, and then the two leads dive into their intense performance. And then you know immediately that This song is sure to be nothing short of amazing!

An anthem supporting free speech is “Hear Me Out”. The lyrics are once again influenced by the catchphrase “Hear me out!” by Electric High’s legendary bass player Ein, much like in the previous single, “Crooks”. His unwavering drive to establish what is right and wrong, as well as his constant urge to get his point across! The constant repetition of the line (”hear me out, hear me out just sayin’) shows how urgently the persona needs to be heard and this is perfectly captured through the vocal performance!

Electric High is the producer of “Hear Me Out,” recorded in Bergen, Norway’s Havnelageret Studio. Daniel Birkeland did the engineering. Iver Sandøy mixed and mastered the record at Solslottet Studio in Bergen, Norway. A cutting guitar riff and a heavy drum beat form the foundation of the new single, which then transitions into a catchy, soaring chorus that is infectiously catchy.

The song is a unique blend of classic hard rock and alternative rock, the song is very electrifying. The amazing electric guitar and drum fusion solo deserves honorable mention—it was truly amazing!

Was the group’s performance so amazing that I was speechless? Indeed, I was. Music lovers of all stripes will be drawn to this song because it was such a hit. There’s no stopping this electrifying rock ‘n’ roll train now that it’s moving forward at full speed. As the band itself will say “ GET ELECTRIFIED!!”

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