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Greetings to all music fans and my cherished readers. Today we have in our digital sphere US-based artist Ellery Twinning. After achieving much success with his album “Results” Twinning is back with a video for his amazing song “SB Butler”. The video was released on 2nd April and gives more insight and depth to the song through its visualization. Let me tell you more about this awesome video

The video begins with the model on a playground, and as the song and video continue, we get images of children and real-life representations of the things that Twinning was referring to in the song.

The “SB Butler” video emphasizes how unique and thought-provoking the song is on its own, and it does it much more in the video. The song actually captures the ins and outs of what happens when there is no adult supervision, as well as the thrills and disasters of a school playground in epic detail. Additionally, the video effectively depicts the playground, Jungle gym and the blisters he mentions receiving on Jungle gym. This song has a synth pop vibe thanks to the electric guitar performance, which is sure to send listeners on an idyllic ride.

Michelle Gemma contributed all of the images in the video apart from the Freitas Family Albums’ childhood images Carly Straub was the gorgeous and amazing model We would especially want to thank her for creating Twinning and the director’s vision with her very finest performance!

Ellery Twining’s “SB Butler” video is an amazing visual experience that is perfect for anyone who enjoys poetry and music. Twining showcases his creative and musical skills, giving viewers a front-row seat to an unforgettable poetic, lyrical, and musical journey. The video offers Twining a more expansive and promising future while also recognizing his musical prowess.

Stream “S.B Butler” on Spotify and the video on YouTube with the link above.

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