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Hi there! Let’s welcome to our digital space again Park City-based artist Gary Dranow. Dranow has mesmerized us with “Jimi’s Song”, “Digitize” and “Bedroom Mentor “ and he’s back again with his latest song titled “Ripping”. The song was released on 18th January. This song is a typical rock song that will get you in full rock mode. Relax and let me tell you more about the song

“Ripping is a typical rock song and begins like one. Your interest is immediately peaked as soon as the guitar sounds start. The drumming follows immediately and then you are met with Dranow’s raw and powerful voice. The performance is powerful and creates an exciting sonic journey for the listener

Thematically the song talks about how the persona is going through life. The lyrics describe the way he is speeding through almost everything and it Is almost as if he’s convinced that in doing so he won’t feel pain or feel anything at all, though he’s asked to slow down and even prescribed medication for it he does the opposite. The line “I’m ripping two hundred miles an hour All the time, I ain’t quitting “ shows his dedication and desperation. To stick to the path he has chosen. These lyrics and the passionate vocal performance create an inescapable earworm

“Ripping” was painstakingly produced, with each member putting in their special talents. Heartfelt composition combined with cutting-edge production methods creates a sound that is at once nostalgic and modern. The electric guitar solo is exactly what you expect from a typical rock song and it does not disappoint

Overall “Ripping” by Gary Dranow is nothing short of an amazing song. Dranow let it all out in his show-stopping vocal performance and the lyrics are easy yet profound. At this point, Dranow doesn’t fail to wow me. I’m excited every time I hear his music and I am never disappointed. It’s a lovely song that will let your jaw drop.

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