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Hello, dearest readers and music fans everywhere!! Let’s welcome to our digital space Emily Mayne, a pop musician, pianist, singer, and songwriter from London, who published her debut EP titled “State of Mind, Losing Mine” on February 4th, 2024. The 5 song EP encapsulates her approach to music and her desire to provide listeners with a broad range of options and variety It aims to establish a safe space for individuals who may identify by touching on a variety of topics, including heartbreak, mental health, feelings of loss, and the metaphorical tangling of tensions that come with growing up. Are you ready to experience greatness?? Let’s get into it

The EP’s title track is called “Happy.” A crisp, gentle piano note opens it. After that, Emily launches into this engrossing performance about profound loss and pain (“Now it hurts every time I open the wardrobe”). She thinks about her broken relationship, her level of pain (“hit rock bottom”), and how much she longs for happiness (“I just really fucking miss being happy”). In the end, she walks away from the relationship because she is giving her all and getting nothing in return This wonderful song highlights Emily’s incredible voice presence, and range. It is a wonderful way for the EP to begin and is strong, passionate, and emotional.

Love to be Adored” is the name of the following song. This song marks a turning point for the EP. In this pop-rock song, a character who has failed out of school and has no plans for the future is described as acting out (“I drink because I’m bored”), but she enjoys the attention she receives when she does so (“I feel your stares press me up on the wall, but I, I I love to be adored”). This tune will make your chest pound because of the guitar parts and strong drumming!

The opening piano notes of “Never the Same” are imposing and steady. Then Emily begins her heartfelt performance. Her voice has adapted to the voice and message of the song, which is one of sadness and emotional suffering, making her sound different from the voices in the other two songs. The character in the song expresses disappointment and hurt (both in “should’ve known you wouldn’t when you told me you’d come round”), as well as an admission that even though their relationship may not have been serious, she would never be the same (in “I’ll never be the same, never the same as I was”). Emily gives a heartfelt performance, and her lyrics help you visualize the situation she’s presenting. The entire song is captivating and will take you on an emotional journey!

Light pop synth sounds that are beautiful and lively open “Twothreeminutes.” This vibrant and upbeat song discusses mental health and the inner struggles that people face (“Don’t ask me what I’m thinking, cause those thoughts will kill your vibe”). The character, despite her outward appearance, is struggling and is even thinking about taking her own life (“got me thinking it would be nice to finally say goodbye”). I congratulate Emily for using her music to provide a safe atmosphere where those going through a difficult time may feel understood and know that they are not alone!

Hard Love” begins with a grand piano melody and is an expressive ballad about self-sabotage (”Self-sabotaging till I drown”). It appears that the persona’s relationship has been impacted by her struggles with liking and accepting herself. “I don’t know why I’m so hard to love,” she says to herself in response to her circumstances. The poignant melody is composed of the most exquisite, distinguishing violin sounds, which add to the song’s mesmerizing and immersing quality! Emily chose the perfect song to close out the EP because the impact of the song lingers long after the EP has ended!

Emily received inspiration for her chameleonic voice from musicians like Olivia Rodrigo, Adele, and RAYE, as well as from songwriters like Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift. Emily has participated in several live shows. Devon Life Magazine’s November 2019 issue contains a full-page spread featuring her. In Leeds, she performed at Sofar Sounds, and she intends to perform there again, particularly in London. Tim Gordine, a producer nominated for a Grammy, is among the notable people she has collaborated with in the industry. With a variety of genre norms, performance styles, and creative methods, Emily’s EP masterfully captures her chameleonic sound and offers a glimpse of her extraordinary musical ability and her ability to create a safe space to talk about delicate issues. She’s a force to be reckoned with and will create a big splash in the industry due to her massive talent!

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