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Greetings most cherished readers and music lovers everywhere!!. Today we bring to you the latest work of the mega-talented Erick Castrillion. Erick is a well-known screenwriter and director in Los Angeles, pursuing his lifelong love of music and he released “The Contrarian” on the 31st of January. The song is the midpoint of his album and talks about the rise of Artificial Intelligence in our day-to-day lives. Now, please enjoy this fantastic review of mine

The song starts with dark synth sounds before descending into this brilliant and beautiful bass. Castrillion then begins this thrilling and astounding performance that will knock your socks off.

Now on to the lyrical content. “The Contrarian” explores the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology in modern life and Castrillion is not wrong, AI is slowly taking over everything we have today. Although it has some positive benefits it has some negative traits as well. The different sounds used on this track give the listener a unique point of view and create an amazing listening experience

Can we give Castrillion a round of applause for this labor of love? He is the composer, performer, and lyricist on this track. This production is bursting with a variety of experimental sounds, immersive world instruments, synthetic beats, and poetic storytelling. The song is very enthralling and transports you to another worldly plane.

Dare I say that “The Contrarian” was by far the most unique and powerful music trip I’ve ever been on? Yes, it is! Don’t go in expecting one type of sound because you will be pleasantly disappointed and then your listening experiences will get better a hundred times over. Castrillion takes delight in his work and it shows. I’m excited to hear his next project.

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