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Hello, dearest readers and music lovers let’s turn our attention back to Park City-based artist Gary Dranow. After blowing our minds with singles like “Hadrian Wall and “I’m A Man “Gary Dranow is back and blowing our minds with his latest release titled “Digitize.”The song was released on 9th December and Dranow collaborates with The Manic Emotions to bring to you this bizarre and interesting story about this new world. Sit back and enjoy my spicy review.

The song starts strong with these strong synth sounds and piano melodies before the other instruments and the vocals join in. Dranow sings about the interconnection of the physical with the digital creating a new unified world providing a new, thrilling sound that is both revolutionary and genuine.
The song examines issues related to human emotion, technology, and the meeting point of the digital and physical realms. Our times are reflected in it, and the music has a timeless quality while resonating with a raw vitality.

The production of the song is an obvious standout. The song moves at a fast pace but the arrangement of the musical instruments is superb. The Klym Apalkov Power, The project has gained additional depth and emotion with the addition of lead vocalist Klym Apalkov. Apalkov’s dynamic range and forceful vocal style wonderfully match the musical path taken by the group, resulting in a synergy that is both enthralling and profoundly touching.

“Digitize” by Gary Dranow is an excellent Metallica song . It is an encounter. It’s a challenge to delve further into Hard Rock and Metal from a different perspective. Apalkov’s powerful voice and complex arrangements elevate “Digitize” to a remarkable record that will enthrall listeners of all stripes as well as new ones.

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