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Greetings, music lovers and readers. Allow me to introduce LA musician Natalia Quest. Although Natalia Quest works independently as a solo artist, she is willing to work with other professionals who share her ideals, perspective, and sense of beauty to potentially form a team. She released a beautiful song called “Redemption” on June 18. Allow me to elaborate on the music.

The song starts with these mystical and eerie sounds right before Natalia starts to sing. Her voice is dazzling and compelling and the piano sounds enhance the melody so much that you would love to continue listening.

Since most individuals naturally aspire to both inner and outer freedom, and since the song’s main theme is liberation, (“you fly into your freedom”)the lyrics not only tell her own experience through metaphors but can also be used as the soundtrack to a variety of individual and group settings. It represents the age-old dance between good and evil, which ultimately leads to the victory of good.

Usually involved in every step of the process, Natalia bears complete responsibility for the final decisions made and the end product, which bears her own artistic and energetic mark. Cody Doss, co-producer and mixing engineer, enabled her to work on “Redemption” with his active support and creative contributions. Cody assisted with drum, violin, and piano recordings and completed the final mix. Natalia also wants to express her gratitude to Olga Berman, Joseph Rusnak, and James O’Reilly for their help with this project.

“Redemption” is not just a song. You can learn a lot about Natalia’s psyche and beliefs. She perceives music as magic that can transform and heal, and she does her best to capture that energy through digital tools. In a world where music is rampant, she always strives for quality over quantity. She is a rare gem and the sky’s her limit.

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